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BCR Podcast Advertising: Global Advertising With A High ROI


BCRAds provide local, regional and global media reach for an affordable price.
Tap into the power of podcast advertising, targeted to your ideal audience!

Truly targeted podcast advertising

Promote your event, advertise a business opening or provide a boost for your freelance services or small business. Podcast ads run to your chosen target area (city/state/country). You can also choose podcast categories to focus your podcast advertising on customer interests.

The most cost-effective way to 
reach potential customers

Get into the ears of your perfect customer without blowing your budget. For much less than radio or other media, you can reach listeners with podcast advertising. Set daily budget caps. Analyze results and modify campaigns on the fly.

Have podcast advertising campaigns up and running in minutes

A more efficient way to advertise: launch and run podcast advertising campaigns in three easy steps. Simply input what you want to promote and the text you’d like to be read in the ad. Business Credit Radio will have a professional voice artist record the ad (or you can upload your own audio) and will run your campaign automatically as directed. Hassle-free podcast advertising! Contact us for pricing.

Podcast advertising delivers

Podcast listeners act on the advertising they hear in their favorite podcasts. View your campaign analytics as you go and see just how well it works! Access the medium that’s been driving tons of businesses to big brands…now affordable and effective for any business, event or special promotion!

Pre-roll: This 15-second spot opens the podcast. Usually, it has more of the traditional audio ad feel than the mid-roll, which can be more casual.

Mid-roll: These 30 to 60-second segments occur periodically throughout the episode. 

Native ad: The standard podcast ad consists of the host(s) reading a script into the microphone. However, you’ll also hear the occasional agency-produced ad, with music, sound effects, interviewees, etc. Contact us for pricing options.

Offer code: Most podcast ads offer listeners a unique promo code, which allows sponsors to track how many conversions they’re getting.

Outro: The final part of a podcast, during which the host can urge listeners once again to try out the company (“Don’t forget to use offer code Take30 to receive 20% off your first Wayne purchase”) or simply remind them of the sponsorship (“Thanks to Wayne for sponsoring this episode.”)

Direct response: Since most podcatchers offer linkable show notes or captions, we now provide direct links to our site or product page.

Podcatcher: A podcast player. iTunes still reigns supreme, but apps like Stitcher, Overcast, and Castro are gaining ground.


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