Should You Sponsor a Podcast?

Are you looking for an advertising venue that puts your business right inside customers’ heads, one where you might be the only advertiser and get all the attention, and one that has a devoted fan base? Then consider sponsoring a podcast.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, podcasts are essentially radio shows that users download online and listen to on their computers or mobile devices.

Some 57 million Americans listen to podcasts, and not only are they devoted to their favorite podcasts, they’re also very open to advertiser messages.

Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of podcast listeners are more willing to consider products and services they hear about during a podcast, reports the IAB-Edison Research Podcast Advertising Study. Given equal price and quality, 60 percent of respondents would prefer to buy from the companies that advertise on their favorite podcasts. After hearing a podcast sponsor’s message, the IAB says, 45 percent of listeners visit a sponsor’s website and 37 percent gather more information about the company or product.

Podcast advertising is a little different than typical radio advertising. Instead of pre recorded messages, ads typically take the form of sponsorships. The podcast host will mention the sponsor and its products and services at the beginning of the podcast (pre-roll, generally 15 seconds long), in the middle of the podcast (mid-roll, generally 60 seconds long) and sometimes during the “outro” or end of the show. The mid-roll is often a testimonial of sorts where the host explains why he or she uses and likes the products or services.

Combined with the intimate nature of podcasting (people usually listen to podcasts through their headphones), this personal approach by the host makes podcast sponsorship a highly impactful form of advertising.

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